Happy Hour at Fisherman's Beach Holiday Park

Those All-Important Happy Hours

The main ingredient of a happy caravan park lies essentially in Happy Hour.

Where do you meet new friends? At Happy Hour.
Where are arrangements made for the next day's fishing/bowls/golf/crafts/swimming, and so on? At Happy Hour.
Where do the men discuss the merits of the latest 4 x 4 or caravan? At Happy Hour.
Where do the ladies show off photos of their grandchildren, swap knitting patterns and talk about whatever ladies talk about? Yes, at Happy Hour.

Of course, there are other ways of meeting people in holiday parks. A man can lift the bonnet of his car and peer under it whilst scratching his head. In no time he'll have more advice than he could get from a stack of motoring magazines.

A lady only has to walk into a park laundry and there'll be an avid discussion in progress about health, babies, how useless husbands are, where to buy lotions or cosmetics and where the hell is whoever owns that washing? The machine finished ten minutes ago!.

But there's nothing like Happy Hour when the bite has gone from the sun and a gentle breeze is coming off the Coral Sea. In our under-cover barbecue area we have a fridge to keep drinks nice and cold. A beer or wine makes a wonderful social lubricant and soon everybody knows everyone else. There's always plenty of fun, laughter and no shortage of tall stories at Happy Hour.


This Happy Hour was an important event. It extended into a sausage sizzle provided and cooked by the new managers, Andrew and Kellie, to meet the people in the park, sealing their intention of carrying on the park's tradition. So, at 5 pm EVERYONE is welcome at Happy Hour.

Johnno and Doug

There's nothing like live music to make Happy Hour go with a swing. Anyone who is adept with a musical instrument may wish to join in with the park's musicians. Just talk to Lionel Miles (pictured below); he's here all winter.

Mr Music

Some Happy Hour Pictures

The String Family

From time to time talented performers visit the park. 'The String Family' were extremely gifted and most people turned out to hear them. Special occasions can attract quite a gathering, as the pictures below show.

Barbecue gathering

Happy Hour Overflow

When the park is full there are too many people for one Happy Hour gathering so there can be three or four all going at once. This group call themselves the Wanderers; many come all the way from Tasmania each year.

Happy Hour Crowd

Spot the unhappy face. Right, there isn't one. That's because our park's happy hours are Happy Hours.

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