Happy Hour at Bell Park

happy hour

The main ingredient of a happy caravan park lies in Happy Hour. So many parks seem unaware of this and leave guests to their own devices. This is where Bell Park excels; at check-in, every new arrival is invited to attend Happy Hour at the main, under-cover barbecue area. Many take up the invitation and new arrivals are introduced and made welcome. A beer or wine makes a wonderful social lubricant and soon everybody knows everyone else. There's always plenty of fun, laughter and no shortage of tall stories at Happy Hour.

When people later meet around the park, in the village, at the Pine Beach hostelry, on the golf course or at the bowling green they are already friends. Wouldn't it be nice if all parks did this? But then Bell Park wouldn't stand out as it does.

Jim n Sue

The inspiration behind Bell Park's success - Jim and Sue Waterman. Jim sadly passed away in June 2014. Sue now manages the park. This photo was taken on the day Bell Park won the Inter-Park Bowls Tournament ... again.

Johnno and Doug

There's nothing like live music to make Happy Hour go with a swing. Johnno and Dougie are fabulous.

can crusher award

During Happy Hours, a great many aluminium cans have their contents consumed. If these cans are crushed, metal recycling companies will buy them. Crushing them is an arduous task but one man, Phil Bale (in the blue shirt), took on the job. The money raised finds its way to the park's social club and many local community funds. As a token of his thanks, Jim - on the right, wearing a black and white jacket and a mischievous smile - had a shield made which he presented to Phil one Happy Hour. The shield is adorned with a crushed VB can.

Bell Park Happy Hours are LEGENDARY.

Some Happy Hour Pictures


Special occasions can attract quite a gathering.

Happy Ladies

Happy Hours are for happy people.
Everyone's happy in Bell Park.
What's NOT to be happy about?


EVERYBODY'S having fun.

Happy Hour Overflow

When the park is full there are too many for one Happy Hour gathering so there might be three or four all going at once. This group call themselves the Bell Park Wanderers; many come all the way from Tasmania each year.

Happy Hour Crowd

Spot the unhappy face. Right, there isn't one. That's why Bell Park happy hours are Happy Hours.

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