Photos: The Park, the People and the place.

Bell Park from the air

Fisherman's Beach Holiday Park ~ only separated from Fisherman's Beach by a windbreak of foliage along the dunes. This photo was taken from a Quadcopter drone.

Emu Park from a helicopter
Emu Park seen from a Robinson 44 helicopter on a joy flight from Emu Park Airfield. Fisherman's Beach Holiday Park is on the right just behind the foliage covering the sand dunes. A path leads through the dunes to the beach where a group of caravanners - they call themselves 'The Icebergs' - swim most days.
Rosslyn Marina from a helicopter
 Just 15 minutes up the coast from Fisherman's Beach is Rosslyn Marina, seen here from the same 'copter. Catamarans operate wonderful tours around the islands from the Marina, favourites of Holiday Park patrons who watch marine wildlife, swim on coral reefs and/or enjoy a lovely lunch and a drop of wine.

Another beautiful sunrise over the Coral Sea photographed by Theo Graze from Fisherman's Beach.

Park Entrance

Fisherman's Beach Holiday Park pictured from the entrance. Walk forward 200 metres and you're on the beach.


The waters around Emu Park are dotted with islands varying in size from small rocks to Great Keppel Island.
Great Keppel (not shown here) has 27 km of beach and is part of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

Jerzy and Gail

Charismatic Fisherman's Beach Holiday Park regulars, Jerzy and Gail, pictured at the Fathers' Day barbecue, 2012.


Bowling Team

The Park's Lawn Bowling Team. Winners of the Capricorn Coast Caravan Challenge in 2012, 2013 and 2014.



Gail again, one of the Park's finest, showing her bowling style.



This is Big Al, one of the Park's greatest characters and possibly its oldest member.
As well as lawn bowling, Emu Park has an excellent golf course.


Emu Park Shops

The village shops on the right, Bell Park on the left and the Coral sea beyond.


Photo: Tennis players

Above and below: Tennis players gathered in the sunshine for some games of doubles on Emu Park's tennis court.



The kids love the skate park though
the lawn bowlers don't patronise it
as much as they might.
Singing Ship
Emu Park's famous icon, the Singing Ship.
It's a pleasant walk up to see this memorial
to Captain James Cook who dropped by
in 1770. Lovely views, too.


Jolt Bakery Café; one of several places
for a snack or meal in Emu Park village.


Swimming Pool
Looks inviting, doesn't it? This heated
pool is as close to the Holiday Park
Park as the Coral Sea is. Just an easy
three minute walk.


Endeavour Hotel
The Endeavour Hotel/Motel in
beautiful, downtown Emu Park.


O'Malley Memorial

Not a barbecue, but a memorial to King
O'Malley. Who was O'Malley, royalty?
No, but quite a character. Read about
him in the nearby museum. It's a
ripping yarn! He changed our lives.


ANZAC Memorial
During the summer of 2014/15 many talented, creative and imaginative people came together with the Livingstone Council to commence a world class memorial to the ANZACs who fought at Gallipoli, many never to return. By the winter of 2015 Stage One was complete. The picture shows part of the centrepiece at night. There is so much more.